The Secret Ingredients of this site

The Cook


Welcome to my website. The image beside this text gives you a faint idea of what I look like when under impeccable lighting conditions, a very good hair day, a phenomenal photographer with a god-given-gift at lightroom editing, and a North-East Indian beautician with miraculously artistic skills at eyebrow plucking. Acknowledgements aside, everything else is 100% me. I cannot help but grin at a camera, (forever ruining any chance that I might have had at avant-garde/haute couture modelling). The side parting does a phenomenal job at elongating my chubby face (no doubt from all the gorging I'm rightly accused of) and covering up my unusually large forehead (made prominent from years of pulling my hair back into a ponytail in an attempt to tame my mane while simultaneously ensuring that my counter-space remains hair-free at all times).

I love reading and I absolutely love cooking up things, be it in story form or otherwise, evident from the page title Cookie Crumbs, that will give you an insight into what I've been upto. I make terrible puns that garner a fair amount of amusement for the casual reader and I absolutely love nothing more than sharing my life from the comforts of my home, as you will be accustomed to Recipes page.  I hope you enjoy perusing through my carefully constructed virtual persona. Don't forget to follow my Cuki trail (I warned you about the puns) by subscribing!

Welcome to what makes me, me.


The Melting Pot

This website is an attempt to get all your creative juices flowing, sloshing and dripping, whether it is to go out and explore your local market, create artistic genius through flavour combinations or try your hand at whipping up something new at home with ordinary household equipment and ingredients. So go on, take a bite of this cookie and don't forget to leave a trail of crumbs behind for your friends and family to follow!