Pookolam and Pappadom

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Happy Onam everyone! I’d bet every forgotten coin in your pocket you’re wondering why there isn’t a food post for a festival that celebrates feasting. And, for that I have to let you down. I haven’t been keeping well lately, and quite frankly, a good old-fashioned Onasadhya (literally translated as Onam Feast) is far beyond […]

Stir Fry Pasta

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Let’s get real for a second. Sometimes you’re too exhausted to think up flavour combinations. And the fridge really needs a clean-up of leftover veggies and produce that are soon to die without fulfilling their destiny of being at the bottom of your stomach. That’s when¬†the guilt of giving into buying fresh produce and not […]

Prawns in Coconut Sauce Pasta

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Prawns, Coconut cream and pasta. Had I never tasted this combination for myself, I swear I’d have thought whoever came up with this flavour combination was high. But I bravely let the glutton in me take over to try it and had I not been in a restaurant, I would’ve shamelessly licked the plate clean. […]

Suki Cuki

A Flavourful Love Affair

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It was at a resto-bar here in Chennai a few years ago that I first tasted this unbelievably delicious dish which combined coconut milk with prawns. Now, you must bear in mind that though I come from the land of coconuts and seafood, the only dish that I’ve had that combines the two is the […]

Fried Rice

Indo-Chinese Fried Rice

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There’s always that one staple item in every street stall, local fast food joint and middle-income restaurant. It’s hot, sweet, salty, tangy and definitely delicious. It’s the dish that transcends all boundaries of classes and coyness. It’s the dish that’s called “Fried Rice” under the “Chinese” section of every menu. And your mother didn’t feel […]

Easy Minty Fruit Salad

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On the days after we binge eat on sweets come festival time (as is going on right now), my mother and I let our guilty consciences take over our tummies. In our minds, it negates all the temptations we’ve unabashedly indulged in in the spirit of “festivity”. And how do we do this? We coerce […]

Carrot Halwa

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What does the colour orange remind you of? Don’t say Donald Trump. I’m sorry, I’ll try to not make politically incorrect jabs at people who are insignificant to me. Moving on. Carrot Halwa is that dessert in India that you have no choice but to love. I mean, come on. It’s colourful, it’s decadent, it’s […]

Moving On, Moving Forward

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It’s the last day of 2016. I swear, this has felt like the longest year of my life, so far. Granted, I only have 2¬†decades of conscious existence to compare it to, considering my first 4 years were spent mastering the art of toilet training and hand-to-mouth coordination. Statistically though, that’s about a fifth of […]

Spiced Mocha Eggnog

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I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have eggnog. Always. It’s one of those things I used to watch people on television sitcoms enjoy on Christmas Eve, while reminiscing in flashback sequences, about White Christmases or all the things they’ve overcome. Or maybe that was just what Glee and The Big Bang Theory made Christmas seem like. Closer […]

Spiced Medallion Cookies

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Okay, so let me be completely honest here. The only reason I’m naming them “medallion” is because I dusted them with edible gold dust (click on the image below to get yourself some). Otherwise they’d just be called regular spiced cookies. Which does nothing for the festive spirit, imo.       Apart from this […]