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Aam Panna

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Ah, Indian summers. For the ordinary desi, an Indian summer brings with it dread. Unless you’re under the age of 14, Indian summers mean getting burnt to a crisp under the harsh sunlight and shrivelling up like a drying prune. On that note, you can imagine the ordinary desi’s utter shock and confusion when they […]

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Desi Chai

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Ah, Chai. Not Chai Tea. If you call it Chai Tea, please stop. Chai literally means tea. It would be ridiculous to call something Chai Chai, wouldn’t it? Now you know. Another fun fact – Chai means tea in Russian too! Chai brings the world closer. And so, like any desi knows, Chai will be […]

Spiced Mocha Eggnog

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I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have eggnog. Always. It’s one of those things I used to watch people on television sitcoms enjoy on Christmas Eve, while reminiscing in flashback sequences, about White Christmases or all the things they’ve overcome. Or maybe that was just what Glee and The Big Bang Theory made Christmas seem like. Closer […]