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Easy Chicken Salad

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I love a good chicken salad. Not completely drenched in dressing, but seasoned well, without me feeling like I’m eating more seasoning than salad. After several unfortunate incidents revolving around bad chicken salads from popular fast food chains, I decided that there’s got to be an easier way to satisfy my cravings without risking a […]

Easy Minty Fruit Salad

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On the days after we binge eat on sweets come festival time (as is going on right now), my mother and I let our guilty consciences take over our tummies. In our minds, it negates all the temptations we’ve unabashedly indulged in in the spirit of “festivity”. And how do we do this? We coerce […]

Cucumber Raita

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The Greek call this Tzatziki, us desis are more familiar with the term Raita. It’s just another case of to-may-toes and po-tah-toes, really. What really matters is how versatile this sauce / side / dip is. Pair it with good old fashioned biryani or jeera rice, drizzle this over some tossed veggies for a quick, […]

Bhel Puri

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I love chaat. It’s a no-brainer. There are very few people who dislike chaat. Most of them, in my opinion, have just not experienced GOOD chaat. The trick with┬ábhel puri is that it requires very little handling. If you over-mix it, it gets soggy. If you prepare it far in advance, it gets soggy. Ultimately, […]