Essential Staples

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Here's a handy grocery list of what I consider essential staples that every home needs to survive.

Fresh Produce -
2 kinds of seasonal fruits (For eg : Buy mangoes and watermelon in summer, because that's when they're at their best flavour-wise and cost-wise.)
2 kinds of seasonal vegetables (For eg : Buy root vegetables like carrots and beetroot in winter, because that's when they're in season.)

Staple Fresh Produce -
Shallots (or small onions aka sambar onions)
Tomatoes (best bought in small quantities that would last you per week, than per month)
Cucumber (since they're always in season)
Garlic (100grams should last you a month)
Ginger (200 grams, should you make more continental dishes than Indian ones for the month)
Green chilies (100 grams should last you a month, for moderate heat through all your meals)


Staple Dairy Products -
Milk (Ideally, 500ml for caffeinated beverages, like coffee and tea, twice a day for two people with the leftover amount used to make curd for the next day)
Salted butter (100 grams usually does well for a month for two people)
Unsalted butter (500 grams, for homebaked goodies)
Cheese (I use 500 grams of regular tinned cheese or block cheese from my supermarket, for a month)

Staple Fresh Protein (Vegetarian) -
Paneer (500 grams lasts me two weeks) ; or
Soya nuggets (500 grams for the week)


Staple Fresh Protein (Non-Vegetarian) -
Chicken (1.5 kg from the local butcher, lasts a month for two people); or
Fish (1 kg of seasonal fish lasts about a month for two people); or

Contemplating decisions revolving around wearing a dress in a wholesale market and checking out some hot looking green chillies to ward off buri nazar (evil eye)
Coming up soon will be a list of legumes and spices that every Indian kitchen of a new-adult needs!

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