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You know what I realized? One of the first things that the hungry and independent (read: very single and homesick) Indian has to deal with is satisfying their hunger. It's one of the basic needs of any human being. And us desis LOVE our food. What makes this more complicated is the fact that most of us millennials have very little know-how of how to satisfy our hunger.

Enter me, your Saviour. Your Messiah. The next Tarla Dalal, if you will. (*cue angelic harmonies from the heavens*)

I will be your guardian of home and hearth. On a budget.

Because we all need a little love from anonymous bloggers on the internet, and I'm just doing my part.

That being said, let's get down to essentials and basics. Essential staple groceries in your pantry, essential kitchenware for survival and essential kitchen appliances. Some of these items on my lists also make for great gift-giving ideas come wedding season (and doesn't it seem like pretty much everyone on your friends-list and timeline is getting married?). Keep yourself tuned for upcoming posts on Essential Spices and Essential Home Remedies for when your mum is too far away and your workload is killing you.

I hope this  helps you adult more successfully.  What I plan on providing you is foolproof lists (that don't involve click-bait titles) for the future that you can always come back to and update your wishlists with as time goes by. Who knows, maybe if you're a good little adult, your birthday might come early?

A little dreaming never killed anybody, right?

Love and warmth,

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