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Pasta-2There's nothing more disgusting to me, than tomatoes. I've hated tomatoes since I was a child. I cannot stand their sweet-sour-lycopene taste. And yet, I love watermelon and I love my ketchup. So, how do I reconcile my feelings for the humble nightshade? I make this fail-proof, all-purpose recipe for homemade tomato sauce. This is one of the few recipes that don't involve the usage of butter in them. I was shocked myself. This recipe is fluid and makes enough sauce for a medium pizza base and pasta sauce enough for 3 servings.




4  medium sized tomatoes, chopped (I used the "Bangalore" variety, because I'm not too fond of the tomato-ey flavour, but use the organic "country" variety, if you enjoy it)

6 - 8 cloves of garlic - crushed and chopped roughly

3 tbsp oil

sugar to taste

pepper to taste

salt to taste




Heat the oil in a kadhai (or, if you'd prefer - Wok), on a low flame.

Add the garlic and fry until golden brown around the edges.

Add the chopped tomatoes and fry for a few minutes, until the tomatoes soften and become pulpy.

Add a teaspoon of sugar and pepper when tomatoes turn pulpy and fry for a few minutes. (The quantity of sugar and pepper can be altered to your tastes, so remember to keep tasting!)

Cover and cook for a few minutes, until water evaporates.

Add salt and fry well. When all the water evaporates and the colour of your mixture changes from a salmon-pink to a deep orange, transfer to a mixer or hand-held blender and whizz it up until the mixture forms a smooth paste. 

Store in an air-tight container once the paste has cooled down, and store in the fridge! Or, boil some spaghetti and mix your sauce in! (I'll be posting a recipe on that soon!)



If your mixture is too thick, correct with a tablespoon or so of water and blend again. Check your salt, sugar and pepper quantities once you add water, as the flavours might get diluted.

If your paste is too watery, transfer to kadhai and heat it until the water evaporates to the consistency you enjoy.

A second option to correct watery pasta, is to mix one spoon of cornflour with 3 parts (here, the size of your spoon) of water and mix it into your sauce and heat it for a few minutes. Remember to use your blender/ mixer after the thickness of your sauce has thickened. 


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