Easy Minty Fruit Salad

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_mg_7100On the days after we binge eat on sweets come festival time (as is going on right now), my mother and I let our guilty consciences take over our tummies. In our minds, it negates all the temptations we’ve unabashedly indulged in in the spirit of “festivity”. And how do we do this? We coerce ourselves into eating fruits for breakfast for a day.

Dusted with flavoured sugar.

But fruits, nonetheless. And only for a day, because, honestly, why repent more than once? Life is to be enjoyed, is it not? *Smiles innocently and bats eyelids*

This particular salad uses some of my favourite fruits and is easily manipulated to suit your seasonal needs. All you have to keep in mind is to not go overboard with the sugar and to always go in for fruits that are in season. In India, bananas and plantains are always in season and come in so many varieties that you’re literally spoilt for choice. Apples and Pomegranates are usually in season during the “winter” months from December through February. All you have to do is go to your local wholesale market, early in the morning on a weekend and browse through the old fashioned way. It’s important to know where your food comes from, so that you bear in mind what you put into your stomach.


Ingredients (serves 2)

1/2 pomegranate
1 apple, diced
2 bananas, diced
4 – 5 mint leaves
2 tablespoons sugar



  1. Add the leaves and sugar into your mortar and pestle and grind them down until the leaves and sugar are fairly ground up.
  2. Chop up the apples (with their skin on because there’s a LOT of nutrients in the skin) and bananas to roughly the same size as the pomegranate seeds.
  3. Cut the pomegranate in half and with the back of a spoon, whack the skin side of the pomegranate to easily release the seeds from their protective enclosure. (This works best when you’re in a bit of a bad mood. It really lets you release that pent up frustration for a good cause.)
  4. Mix all your fruits into the mortar and mix well so that the mint and sugar coat all the fruit. Enjoy!


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