Roasted Peanut Snack

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IMG_20160725_184717777I have memories of growing up on a variation of this snack almost every time it rained (and in Kerala, it rains for roughly half the year) or at every grown up party I was allowed to go to (and being a Fauji brat, there were quite a few of those as well). The one I was accustomed to used boiled peanuts/groundnuts instead of roasted nuts. But I prefer the crunch and flavour of the roasted nuts much more than that of the boiled ones. It's quick, healthy and absolutely delicious.




2 parts   roasted peanuts
1 part     chopped red onions
1               chopped green chilly
.5 part   chopped coriander leaves
1 tsp       lime juice
Salt to taste


Mix all of the ingredients together, and voila!

For extra zing, reduce the amount of coriander by half and substitute the other half with chopped mint leaves.
Ditch the lime juice and substitute with aamchoor (aka dried mango powder). Splash in half a teaspoon of water as well.
If you want your snack to be more spicy, add red chilly powder to your mix as per your liking.

Happy munching!

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