White Sauce

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Pasta-2I have warm memories of white sauce. There's something strangely cathartic about the aroma of butter and flour making sweet hot love together. It's one of my most favourite things in the world. I remember drizzling obscene quantities of this sauce over potatoes, pasta, bread, boiled vegetables, fried vegetables, or anything even remotely grotesque tasting to my child-mind, and this sauce would make the world a better place. This was also delicious to "taste" several times during its short tenure in the fridge. One can never go wrong with tasting things. Several times. With large tablespoons. 



1 tbsp    butter
1 tbsp    cornflour (you can easily substitute this with plain flour, or maida)
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup grated cheese (I use regular processed cheese)
salt to taste
pepper to taste
crushed garlic (optional, and as per taste)




1. Heat a kadhai and melt the butter. If using garlic, add it in as the butter melts and toast it on low heat. 

2. Add your flour and fry until the yellow mixture starts to froth, bubble and turn to a deep yellow,  on medium heat. Lower the heat once the deep yellow stage is reached. Burnt flour is not your friend. And burnt garlic is your nemesis.

3. Pour your milk in and whisk like crazy until your arm feels like it would fall off by the end of it. The whisking keeps your milk and roux (flour and butter mixture) from clumping up. You want your sauce to be creamy and smooth, not lumpy like bad porridge.

4. Once your sauce is sufficiently smooth and is thick enough to coat the back of your spoon, turn it off and add your cheese. Mix well until the cheese dissolves into the gooey goodness of your sauce

5. Season with salt and pepper right at the end, transfer it into your container. Don't forget to lick the kadhai clean. That's the best part!




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